About Retro by Ronnie

How did we start?

Glen Howland (Owner) was working on a friend’s house during lockdown while his friend was clearing his loft and was asking, what should he do with all his old toys and collectibles?

The friend did not want to sell online as he didn’t have the time, the patience, the trust in couriers or some cases the buyers. Glen said, ‘you need a trusted brand like Harrods, where you can drop your items off for appraisal/sale, a store where you feel comfortable in leaving any item and a place that will always treat you fairly.

It would need to be a ‘Show Stopping’ store, beautiful and educational at the same time. A real trip down memory lane with a price point for all. A location where the entire family can come and enjoy, and appreciate the fine collectibles while always having Retro pocket money toys so the prices don’t break the bank.

Unknown to Glen at the time, the closed-down Barclays Bank that he had been walking past every day would become his Retro Vintage Toy Shop.

Why the name Retro by Ronnie?

Retro by Ronnie opened its doors in December 2021 in an Old Barclays Bank in Goring by Sea. The building is incredible on its own and with the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s injection of Nostalgia, it’s always full of smiles. Toys and Collectibles are bought and sold here every day.

Our Number 1 focus is the ‘In Store’ experience while providing customer service exceeded by none. Well, MAYBE Harrods. Why the Name Retro by Ronnie? My dad’s name was Ron, and my son’s name is Ronnie who at the age of just 6, is our very own CEO. Ronnie will often spend 4 Hours a week dusting or testing toys for his £10 in-store credit. Bless him.

The daily running of the store is managed by Scott, with the support of my big brother Sean, Father-In-Law Nick, and friends Stewart and Robert while never forgetting our CEO and Quality Control Officer Ronnie.

It’s like a Museum of collectibles with a price point for all. Vintage Toys, Handheld Electronics, Lego sets, Pokémon, Fine Art, Signed memorabilia, RC Cars, Bikes, Board Games and much more. The old bank has a total of 7 rooms across 2 floors showcasing more than 1,200 items at any one time. Yes, every single item is for sale. Prices are from £1 to £10,000.

In 2022, our 1st full year of trading, 19,747 items left the store with just 7 being posted. We’ve even had customers FLY IN for a day’s visit.

Browsing is essential, but a purse or wallet is not. Just Enjoy.